Time Makers’ Consulting

Making time to focus on what really matters.

Time isn’t the main thing. It is the only thing.
– Miles Davis

We are all busy. It is just how it is.
But what if you, and your staff, spent most of the time on what actually mattered?
Like your clients. Or improving products and services.

Time Makers Consulting was created to help organisations focus on what they do best, while helping them to improve, automate, or eliminate, tasks that add no value to the customer or the business. 

Regardless of the project, or the business, our focus is on: improving always, delivering excellence and building relationships.

Over the last 6 years, the team at Time Makers, worked on 29 different projects for 11 organisations. The projects were varied but mostly included process or systems re-design to ensure staff had more time to spend in high value add activities. As a result, we were able to “find” 2,507 staff hours which were previously been wasted away on inefficient tasks.

How we can help:

Conduct business improvement projects involving transformation of business processes to increase efficiency, resource productivity and response time.
Research and prepare Executive reports for organisations on governance, profitability, operations, business structure, due diligence and community needs.
Initiate Partnerships and link businesses within established networks to facilitate collaborations, increased trade and export/import opportunities.
Facilitate education and training in newly established processes ensuring staff have easy access and adapt to changes quickly.
Recommend and participate in the development of policies and procedures; conducting gap analysis, ensure follow up reviews and preparing reports.
Recruit, select and/or induct new staff.



Staff hours found

From Our Clients

“Elena is generous with her intellect as well as her warmth, and possess that X factor which enables teams to bond and perform. Her ability to build genuine relationships across borders and barriers sets her apart.”
Andrea Myles

Associate Director, NSW Treasury

“Elena worked tirelessly towards outcomes that met the strategic vision of her business unit and strengthened its connection to other people in the organisation.”

Michael Bowden

HR Operations, Star Pharmacy Group

“Her legacy can be seen in efficient systems, innovative solutions to problems no one had tackled before and the quality and effectiveness of the relationships she developed. “
Sarah Brown

Manager Property and Housing Services, ECH

“I’d like to say thanks to Elena and her team from Time Makers Consulting for the great collaboration during a recently performed research project conducted for BBQ Buoys. The team analysed appropriate pricing options and provided a report with recommendations to look at potential changes leading to significant cost savings.”

Martin Kloeckner

Key Account Manager | Marketing Management | Business Development | Digital Media | Partnerships Manager

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