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Learn how to find the right jobs, and apply the right way, in Australia.

Time Makers can help


Write your application

Knowing the documents to apply for a job is crucial. 
You may know about resumes, but what about Cover letters? Then, when it comes to your Interview, you need to be prepared to answer specific questions. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel.

Develop your job strategy

Applying for the wrong job is a common mistake. But, don’t worry! As well as learning about how your job strategy could be wrong and the risk of not having a job strategy at all… you will also learn how to create your own job strategy which works for your specific circumstances.

Build your local network

Having a local network of professionally connected friends, workmates and professional acquaintances to recommend you, give you job leads and be professional referees for you.
Time Makers organises events with businesses and recruiters. We also will help you with your LinkedIn profile, to ensure it is relevant to your industry.

When it comes to landing their first jobs, students often struggle to figure out the job market for themselves. Time Makers Training helps students learn more about how to apply for jobs, improve their job search skills and prepare for interviews.  

Why Choose Us

Improving always

Recruitment is always changing and evolving. Our material is constantly updated to include the latest practices.

Delivering excellence

No two events are the same. We will consult with you to gauge your requirements and cater to your specific needs.

Building relationships

We are a people centred business that strives to foster and grow our local connections. This helps us to stay current and deliver excellent work too.

Our Services


 Resume Writing
 Cover Letter Tailoring
 Interview Preparation and/or Simulation
 Networking and small talk for career success
 Creating and using your LinkedIn profile effectively

Master Classes

✓  Job Search Strategies
✓  Highlighting your strengths in your job application
✓  Resume writing for new graduates
✓  Putting your best foot forward – personal branding for employment
✓  Select and apply for casual jobs

Industry Panels

✓  Accounting
✓  Business
✓  Health
✓  Information Technology
✓  Marketing




From Our Participants

“Elena has everything you would look for in a trainer: knowledge, planning, organisation, passion, and most importantly, care. I had the pleasure of studying with her for 7 months, and every single session kept me excited for the next.”

Anh Duy Nguyen

Blender Artist and Unity Developer

“Elena is absolutely an amazing person. She was my trainer for 7 months. Elena is one of the kindest people I know, she is always there when I need a hand. “
Lawrence Feng

Audit and Assurance Intern, KPMG

“Elena has trained us for almost a year now, and I am compelled to write this recommendation simply because Elena did such amazing work for us. Elena has proved to be both a talented trainer and a dedicated professional year mentor. “

Samanthi Rajakaruna

Database Administrator, Ironwood Institute

“Her passion in driving student’s motivation to achieve their career goals is exceptional. I have hardly seen people like Elena, who really care about nurturing students career path by providing immense professional expertise.”

Ajay Shrestha

Retail Finance and Pricing Assistant, R.M. Williams Pty Ltd

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