.Realise people .Realise strengths.
We exist to help others and only work in win-win situations and with companies that are people centric and share the values of integrity and excellence.
– Elena Muller

About Us

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Time Makers aims at helping others succeed. We can’t stand waste. Wasted talent, wasted resources, wasted time or wasted money. Everything we do is centred around how we can make things more efficient for the benefit of our clients and their clients.



Helping international students learn about recruitment practices, including resume and cover letter writing and interview skills.


Helping organisations do what they do best, while coming alongside them to improve current systems or processes.

From Our Clients

“I had the privilege of working with Elena for 7 years at ECH. She is a beautiful soul with extraordinary values with a passion for making the world a better place for everyone. She is a delight to work with and brings light to the workplace and everyone she meets. These values have seen Elena thrive upon leaving ECH with her own business opportunities. I have continued to use Elena as a consultant since she left ECH to drive service improvement and would have no hesitation in working with her again. “
Paul Thorne

CEO, Lakeside Villages Inc | Board Member

“Elena is one of those rare professionals who also naturally serves as an inspiring example of commitment and competence. She will take any process, project or team to a level of satisfactory delivery with a high standard. Her ability to engage people is extraordinary and her enthusiasm for any task does make a difference to any team she works with. I have had the pleasure to work with Elena for the last 6 years in multiple projects and have seen her positive attitude and respect to others change the dynamic of meetings and drive them to unexpected better results.”
Kelly Mendes

Solution Centre Manager, Goodstart Early Learning

“Elena provided great guidance and encouragement along with my job-seeking journey. She has amazing presentation skills and sound knowledge of recruitment processes. Moreover, she is passionate about helping students find good job opportunities. Therefore, I recommend Elena as a great job application mentor.”
Charles Yang

Security Consultant, ISDefence

“I have been a student of Elena’s and find that she has a knack for inspiring students to exploit their capabilities in career planning and other relevant workplace skills. She is a highly-skilled presenter who provides pertinent illustrations and has a great sense of humour. Her teaching style enables her students to redefine themselves and reach higher levels of career performance. “
Dawson Tang

Treasury Manager, Corporate Alliance

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